Confessions Of A Skooma-Eater
I was born from the sun and have
sand in my veins.
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System Lord with a passion for video games, manga, and B-movies.
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Fantasy Art that Tricks the Eye  by Andrew Ferez

You may know Russian artist Andrew Ferez for his covers of popular Game of Thrones novels like “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Although he borrows from the stories he illustrates, his images possess their own mysterious meaning. His digital art transports us into our subconscious with haunting pictures of crumbling, imaginary worlds. They are inhabited by ghostly figures, skulls and demons, combined with gothic motifs like roses and dimly lit candles. Other images are a trick of the eye, where the shape of a building, smoke rings, or golden tree suddenly reveals a woman’s face. A common feature in this apocalyptic environment is halls of mirrors and never ending labyrinths. Ferez’s unique perspective and impossible architecture recalls the work of graphic artists like M.C. Escher.